In prior years, we’ve created a single collaboration beer to showcase every brewery in Bellingham in a single can, but as we quickly approach 13 breweries by the end of this year, we realized that system was going to be less collaborative and far more collomplicated.   So we changed it up!

This year we asked the breweries to buddy up with another to create a collection of collaborations.  The end result is going to be a great mix of styles and interpretations of Bellingham beer and, really, everybody wins! We’ll add in all of the collaborations as the details come in but check out the selections below. It’s gonna be a great beer… umm. great year. We may have gotten started a bit early.  

Kulshan / Menace
Wander / Brouwer’s / Melvin / E Station
Boundary / Gruff

Kulshan-Menace Belgian Pale

This Belgian Pale Ale was brewed in collaboration with Ben Buccarelli, the co-owner and Head Brewer of Menace Brewing Company. Before Menace, Ben actually brewed with team Kulshan, making this Bellingham Beer Week collab the natural choice.

Pilsner Malt and Pale Wheat make up the majority of the grain bill, supplemented with small amounts of Huell Melon, Bravo and Sterling hops. This session-able, spring style beer is beautifully balanced with a strong, biscuity malt, orchard fruit and berry characteristics from the hops, and a light fruity ester from the yeast.

ABV: 5.5% IBU:22

Get it on tap at both Kulshan locations and Menace Brewery!   You’ll also find it on tap at a variety of locations downtown during beer week!

20 Days of Beer Week

Wander, Brouwer’s Cafe, Melvin, Elizabeth Station

A description of the beer, straight from Wander Brewing.
A few months back Brouwer’s Cafe pitched the idea to us to brew a beer for Seattle Beer Week which takes place in early May. We love Brouwers. Of course, we were on board. A couple weeks after that, the decision was made to move Bellingham Beer Week to late April. So, it was kind of a no-brainer to brew a beer to celebrate both beer weeks. The beer name actually comes from the total combined days of Seattle (11) and Bellingham (9) Beer Weeks.

Since we already had a Seattle beer institution on board, we wanted to get a local Bellingham business involved as well and started working with Brendon and Patrick at Elizabeth Station. The next thought in our head was how much fun we had at last year’s Bellingham Beer Week Pop-Up Bar with Melvin Brewing and we asked them to join the party. That completed our motley crew of a foursome. Honestly, if you know the folks, its motley.

So what to brew? We knew we wanted something really hoppy to showcase our amazing Washington State hops but we also wanted something a little different and experimental. After bouncing around ideas of leprechaun and unicorn beers we settled on a ‘Hoppy Imperial Red Ale.’

What the heck is that you ask? It’s an 8.4% ABV red ale with large hop additions and some special pow-pow. First, we sourced a truckload of Galaxy and newcomer Victoria’s Secret hops for finishing additions and dry hopping. We are immensely excited to combine these two varieties. Both come from Australia so this beer goes well with Nutella and rugby. Through some back-alley connections, we were also able to source some Citra LupuLN2 Hop Powder (aka the pow-pow). Essentially it is cryogenic powder produced by bringing hop cones to a very low temperature in a nitrogen controlled environment, milling, and extracting the lupulin from the lupulin gland thus separating it from much of the green hop matter. The result is an oils rich powder concentrate ideal for late additions and dry hopping. Breweries have started to experiment with this new product and we are jazzed to use it in this beer.

The beer will be released on Friday 4/14/17 with launch parties in Bellingham at Elizabeth Station and Seattle at Brouwer’s Cafe. The beer will be canned and available in 16oz 4-packs. Only 210 cases of this beauty will be produced so get it while it’s hoppy! Cheers!

Neighborhood Watch

7.2°P OG | 15 IBU | 3.7% ABV
Being a good neighbor includes keeping a watchful eye and, in our case, brewing delicious craft beer! To unite our neighborhood for Bellingham Beer Week week Boundary Bay Brewery collaborated with Gruff Brewing to create this dry-hopped sour pale ale with tropical fruit puree is brewed with local malts from Skagit Valley.

Kettle-soured with a blend of bacteria including contributions from Gothberg Farm’s Greek yogurt & Breadfarm’s sourdough. With an addition of Ekuanot Lupulin powder and a bountiful bouquet of hops (NZ Motueka, Mosaic and Citra hops) This collab is a super tropical explosion!